Aguacate 314C, Emiliano Zapata,
Puerto Vallarta Jalisco. C.P 48380
Monday-Friday : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturdays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Our Recommendations

Important Information!

After living in this town for many years we want to share with you our recommendations for restaurants, bars and outdoor activities to you may wish to consider. However these are based on our personal experiences and preferences and we cannot be held responsible should any of these not meet your expectations.


1. Never go alone to any bar, especially one off the beaten track. At first at least, especially as a stranger in the town, make sure you go to places with or frequented by other tourists – try to make friends and ask them what you want to find out. For sure there will be a regular visitor or a local guy who is happy to help you.

2. If you feel that somebody is following you, try to keep to streets that are well lit, or hail a taxi immediately.

3. All the clubs here in PV have their own taxi service, please ask them to call a taxi when you leave the bars and clubs.

4. If you intend returning to your hotel with a new friend be sure to ask for ID. All Mexicans carry this by law and any hotel will ask for the ID of that person.

5. No matter how many times you have visited México or PV itself, never think you know everything there is to know – believe us, you cannot !! Please be discreet when meeting locals for the first time about where you are staying or how you can be contacted. Always look around, make sure your new found friend is not “working the bar” perhaps with another person.

6. The Mexican people are very proud, don’t try to argue with them, if you feel a person if looking for trouble, just make your farewells and leave. Also, if you are not fluent in Spanish, it is very easy to be wrongly maligned if an argument ends up with the police being called, perhaps over a disputed bar or restaurant bill. You are here to enjoy your holiday, don’t waste your time in an argument.


Mostly of the people understand English, please speak slowly and you will get the answer you are seeking. Here some of the most basic Spanish phrases you will need:-:-

Good morning– Buenos días, Good afternoon – Buenas tardes, good evening – Buenas noches.

My name is – Mi nombre es, what is your name? – Cuál es tu nombre?

Nice to meet you – Gusto en conocerte.

The bill please – La cuenta por favor

Where are the rest rooms? – Dónde estan los baños?

Where is (the restaurant, the club, the beach, pharmacy)? – Dónde está (el restaurant, la disco, la playa, la farmacia)?

Do you accept credit card? – Aceptan tarjeta de crédito?

I need medical help – Necesito UN doctor.


8.- Tourists are crucial to the economy of the town, and are generally welcomed by the locals. Mexicans are a very friendly race, and there are many good people here in town – respect them and they will respect you. Above all, respect their culture and their laws. The police will act very swiftly if alerted to acts of drunkenness or lewdness, disrespecting of the Mexican state (including its flag) or of a Mexican national, and especially the dealing in or open use of drugs. Be warned – simply waving your passport and claiming your rights as a foreign national will not in themselves guarantee you a free pass out of a Mexican jail for the night !!

9.- If you want to change money or go to the bank, take with you your passport and have a copy with you, the cashier will ask for one. Only use the ATM machine during the day or make sure you go with a friend if you need money at night.

10.- Here some emergency telephones:

POLICE: 060 / 322 290 0507

FIRE DEPT: 322 223 9476

AMBULANCE: 322 222 1533

TOURISM BOARD: 322 226 1819

CANADIAN CONSUL: 322 293 0098

USA CONSUL: 322 222 0069

AMERI-MED HOSPITAL: 322 226 2080



MED-ASSIST: 322 223 0747

RED CROSS AMB: 322 222 1533


DENTIST EMERGENCY: DOCTOR ISRAEL BLANCO CELL PHONE 044 322 149 8731 OFFICE. 322 113 0398 (English & French spoken)


Puerto Vallarta is surrounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Sierra Madre Occidental (mountainous zone); Bahia de Banderas (Banderas Bay) is the biggest Bahia in México, and one of the largest and deepest in the world, well known around the globe for the hundreds of whales and dolphins which come here to breed en route when migrating.

The seas around PV provide ample opportunities to indulge in many aquatic activities, including deep sea fishing, scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching, parasailing, baby turtle hatcheries – experience the magic of holding your own baby turtle while you wade out into the bay to release it into the waves on it first journey since being hatched !

Or just swimming in between relaxing and snacking on the wonderful sandy beaches. The natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta combined with its wonderful climate makes this a great place to live – more than 30% of the population here is comprised of foreigners – and the diversity of its cultures is one of the most alluring aspects of the place.


Although great emphasis is placed on the huge variety places to eat, to drink, and relax, one very important “must do” is to walk the Malecón, the pedestrianised oceanfront walkway which stretches from Los Muertos beach in the south to the hotelera, the hotel zone, to the north of the city.

Whether by day or night, the Malecón is a vibrant, fun and safe place for all ages to promenade, where you can see mime artistes and acrobats, have your caricature drawn, buy from street vendors a huge variety of things, or just relax in a waterfront café, bar or ice cream parlour. Brightly lit at night, hundreds of tourists go there every day, and at weekends Mexican families turn out in force with their relatives to see and to be seen on the Malecón .

In addition you will see different examples of Mexican folklore in the amphitheatre in front of Los Arcos where singers, local & international musicians, clowns, mariachi and typical Mexican dancers from all over the country perform in the open air for free.


Another very informative but also a very pleasant activity in town is the Tequila tour! As you will soon be told, the State of Jalisco is the major producer of tequila in the world, and Puerto Vallarta as one of Jalisco’s major cities makes sure you have the opportunity to sample and to buy some of the best tequilas available – make sure this activity is on your list of things to do when you visit us!

The canopy tour is one of the most requested outdoor activities for visitors, thanks to the Sierra Madre Occidental, where you will go zip-lining at ever increasing heights through the tree canopy, across gorges and rivers, with breathtaking views under the guidance of experienced trained guides. There is a multitude of incredible “back to nature” places to explore and to have fun. Hiking, camping, swimming in crystal clear rivers and rockpools, horseback riding – all are popular favorite activities available almost on the doorstep of this wonderful city. These activities can be whole or part day, and as such are all inclusive – transportation, drinks, food and the activity itself all included in the price. All you have to remember to bring with you are insect repellent, cash for tips and handicrafts (there WILL be vendors around, they are inescapable!), and sunscreen.


For kids of all ages, from 10 to 100, there is the magical experience of swimming with dolphins or with sealions. If you have never tried it, why not on this holiday, just do it! It truly is a magical experience at any age, and there are 2 venues here which provide that opportunity. Usually done in groups of up to 10 persons, you could either have your own family group or join in with another smaller group –it will be something you will talk about for a long time to come !.


Puerto Vallarta has access to a high quality national transportation system, where you can travel in 5 star modern 56 seater autobuses, but where half the seats have been removed leaving just 28 aircraft business class style reclining seats. From here you can travel in air-conditioned luxury, complete with Wi-fi and individual TV’s to almost anywhere in México.

The adventure starts in the towns around PV, such as Talpa de Allende, Punta de Mita, and Bucerias, but if you want to see a major cosmopolitan city in México, you must go to Guadalajara. México’s second city after the Distrito Federal – México City itself, which is a state in its own right- Guadalajara is such a wonderful city, with a wealth of history, magnificent colonial architecture mingling with the most superb modern shopping malls, theatres, and world class restaurants, you won’t be disappointed.


The international airport is of course the major hub for accessing for you to use not only the rest of Mexico but also the rest of the world. Like any other international destination México also has low and high seasons, and the best time for travel to the interior of México by air is low season when both airline and hotel prices are much more reasonable.

Puerto Vallarta has without doubt become an international tourist destination; thousands of spring breakers visit us from North America each year, but we also have the international Restaurants Week, Latin Fever festival, Vallarta Fever week, Beef Dip week, and the L week. In April 2012 Puerto Vallarta played host to its first Tourism International Forum opened by the President of Mexico in the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Centre, which was followed shortly afterwards by the World Economic Forum on Latin America, again opened by President Calderon. Puerto Vallarta is now competing with the best places around the world, bringing exceptional events to the town. In 2011 the internationally acclaimed artists Enrique Iglesias and Alejandro Fernandez played live in a free concert to packed crowds on the Malecón.


All in all, Puerto Vallarta has the total package for that perfect holiday – beautiful seas with safe clean sandy beaches, the most incredible sunsets, lots of activities and tours, a wealth of culture, a wonderful range of dining from international class restaurants to the ubiquitous taco stands on street corners, superb hotels to cater for every taste and budget……. and of course there is the night life! Puerto Vallarta offers an amazing choice of night life, from lounge bars to the high quality discotheques. The best area to go at night is the Malecón, where you will find located the best clubs in town. For our very welcome gay guests the night life is concentrated in the Zona Romantica, where restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, and many other friendly gay businesses make this area Puerto Vallarta’s very own “Castro” !.


Calle Guerrero 264, centro, Puerto Vallarta, C.P. 48300

Voted best food restaurant in town, for over ten years Trio Restaurant Bar Café has consistently delivered top-quality servings of outstanding Mediterranean cuisine. With a variety of occasions for its faithful clientele – visitors, locals, and food critics – its impressive culinary experience is deliciously blended with local fresh ingredients and fine herbs. Truly, Trio is a pillar of fine dining in Puerto Vallarta. Open from 7 pm to 12.


Calle Francisco I Madero 263, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, C.P. 48380

In the midst of Puerto Vallarta’s happening nightlife scene and just a three-minute stroll from the town’s primo beach, this inviting South Side eatery offers up generous servings of flavorful international food and drink. Amiable owner Michael Boufford is no stranger to fine dining in a hip ambiance, Bravos’ casual-chic artisanal experience enhanced by soft lighting and music, an extensive wine list and eclectic martini options. But the real deal here is the food, light and fresh, homemade and healthy and always per- fectly presented, as are Bravos’ art exhibits, show- casing outstanding local artists. Open from 5 pm to 11 pm.


Calle Galeana 185, centro, Puerto Vallarta, C.P. 48300

Fusion of Argentine and Italian food, located just behind the Malecón, owned by a very gentle Argentinian guy, the decoration is a mix of Mandalas and nature… Great for groups and families. The pizzas are delicious. Open from 6 pm to 12 pm.


Isla Rio cuale #4, centro, Puerto Vallarta, C.P. 48300

Established over 15 years ago,one of PV’s finest restaurants, situated on the Isla Cuale in the Zona Romantica,and offering a gourmet selection of dishes on its varied and delicious menú. Incredible view to the Rio Cuale with a stunning atmosphere. Special for big groups and big social events, well trained staff. Open every day from breakfast to dinner.


Basilio Badillo # 269-A (second floor), Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Wine & Tapas, specialists in Mexican wine, surrounded by an amazing Art gallery. Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 11 pm.


Basilio Badillo # 220-B, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Traditional Mexican restaurant, specialists in “Mole” (Mole is a mix of seeds, chilies and chocolate), Sergio and his staff will take care of you very well. Open every day from 12 to 11 pm.


Basilio Badillo # 162, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Is all about tacos, quesadillas, gringas and more, this little restaurant is a very busy place, take your time, wait a few minutes in the line and enjoy the fabulous world of the tacos. Open every day from 6 to 12 pm.


Olas Altas # 380-B, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

“If you want to revel in the exquisite taste of European cafes and international haute cuisine dishes,” Kaiser Maximilian “is the perfect place to do this, this highly-recognized restaurant in Puerto Vallarta offers you the ideal ambience to enjoy couples, family or friends, your magnificent design that will make you feel like you are in a Austrian Bistro on the old continent. Its host, Andreas Rupprechter, of Austrian origin named the restaurant thus in honor of a compatriot, the former Emperor of Mexico “Maximilian”, and is that the same former emperor would have loved to dine here for the fine selection of dishes that incorporate traditional elements of Austrian cuisine and a mixture of local ingredients to create new and exciting culinary experiences. Open every day from 6 to 12 pm.


Lázaro Cárdenas 292, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Italian food, beautiful atmosphere, Patio and Art combined with the knowledge of the Chef Chanan and her wife Natalie, very tasty. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 6 to 11pm.


Pino Suarez # 321, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Traditional Mexican Fajitas restaurant, great for groups, families, birthdays, very well done. Come hungry. Open every day from 12 to 12 pm.


Lazaro Cárdenas #440 x Jacarandas, centro, C.P. 48380

One of PV’s best kept secrets – established for over 35 years and run today by Tony Jnr, this family run business serves excellent seafood, soups, steak and fish at prices you will not believe. Get there early, or the resident expat community will have beaten you to a table. Open every day from 6 to 12 pm.


Olas Altas 534, C.P. 48380

Another pearl of the town, amazing salads, incredible wraps, highly recommended, you will love it, healthy and vegan food with refreshing drinks. Owned by the incredibles Rita & Willy. Open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.


Basilio Badillo 188, Between Olas Altas & Pino Suarez C.P. 48380

Owned by Fernando & Paty, Fajitas is well known for the tasty Mexican food they offer, such as fajitas, steaks, tacos, shrimps, salads and molcajetes; with a an informal and casual atmosphere, where you can expect to be serenaded at your table by the now legendary Los Bambinos or one of the many other local musicians strolling in and out of PV’s many eateries, making sure you have a relaxing – and if you so wish – a romantic dinner. Open every day from 6 to 12 pm.


Olas altas, between Francisca Rodríguez y Manuel M Dieguez, C.P. 48380

Looking for some fun or just have food watching the people walking by on the streets? Andales Bar & restaurant, well known for the parties’ weekend, is located in the hearth of Olas Altas, here you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and then if you want to go on to dance, the party starts at 9 pm. An excellent place for locals and visitors to mingle. Open from 8 am to 2 am.


Olas Altas, between Francisca Rodríguez & Manuel M Dieguez, C.P. 48380

One of the favorites stops for locals and visitors, before moving on to the others later bars; Apache’s is another place you should not miss. A small but fun place for meeting friends, they have an extensive cocktails menu, complementing their restaurant side where you can have really good light food/snacks to start your night. Apache’s is one of the oldest bars in town, and is a convivial place where you can make friends if you are new in PV. Open from 5 pm to 12 pm.


Agustín Rodríguez # 175, Centro, C.P. 48300

Breakfast, lunch and dinners, this restaurant is located in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta’s old town, great location and excellent food. They have a room with A/C, open Patio and Bistro Bar.


Francisco Medina Ascencio, 2125, C.P. 48333

Classic night club in Bahia de Banderas, Strana is a high quality discotheque, where the music, the atmosphere, the open dome, the dance floor, the lights, the international cocktails menu, the staff, the organization – all contrive to make this THE place, the number 1 disco club in town. Strana’s standards ensure that this club competes with some of the finest clubs in the world. Highly recommended. Open from to 10 pm to 4 am.


Lázaro Cárdenas 312, Emiliano Zapata, C.p. 48380

Men only bar. Open from 9 pm to 3 am


Lázaro Cárdenas # 240, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Men only sauna bar, open every day from 3 pm to 4 am


Corner of Lázaro Cárdenas and Ignacio L Vallarta, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Cocktails, party, friends, sexy staff and a DJ. Open every day from 6 pm to 3 am


Lázaro Cárdenas # 257, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

3 floors cocktail and show bar, sexy dancers and great music, the show starts early with “Wendy” (drag show). Just after her, the party begins with the hot dancers; please bring extra cash for the boys, they deserve it. Open every day from 6 pm to 2 am.


Venustiano Carranza # 239, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Cowboys, bears, older men, younger men, Mexican music and a pool table all in the same place. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6 to 4 am


Ignacio Vallarta 278, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

One of the gay club icons in Puerto Vallarta, great international music, reasonable prices, drag shows and the Mexican boys, they know how to make you feel welcome. Managed by The Great Benito, owned by John from the Charlie’s bars USA. Open from 10 pm to 6 am.


Ignacio Vallarta 254, Emiliano Zapata, C.p: 48380

The newest gay bar in town, offers drag shows, gogo dancers, international dancing music, great place to have fun with friends, they have a nice lounge bar if you only want to have a good cocktail while watching the people dancing. Open from 10 pm to 6 am


Lázaro Cárdenas 361, Emiliano Zapata, C.p. 48380

Meet the Dutch owner Marco from Amsterdam, renowned for his fascination for all things “royal”, and marvel at the collection of photographs and mementos of royal families from all over the world which adorn the walls of this fascinating bar. Open every day from 6pm to 2 am.


Pulpito 142, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

The best Piano Martini Bar in town, international cocktails, A/C, lounge style, variety of music all week: Pop band, invited artists and of course Mr Bobby Broadway. Is a really cool place to meet friends, have a cocktail before or after dinner and is a good stopping off point before you go to the bigger bars and clubs. Open from 6 pm to 2 am.


Pulpito # 115, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Great concept, lounge and Martini bar, downstairs they offer “Ice cold fruit cocktails”. Open every day from 6 to 12 pm.


Insurgentes # 109, Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380

Incanto features and eclectic offering of world-class entertainment, classic cocktails and café bar. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 11:30 pm.